Grinder Push Mix Colours 6 pcs

Material : Aluminium, Acrylic
Color: Black , Silver
Print: Neutral
Setup: 2-part
Diameter: 40mm
Height: 26mm
System: Diamond-cut Teeth
Info: Practical Ejection Function due to Slide lid!

Push-up Grinder 2-part made of aluminum with acrylic viewing window in the lid and the practical eject function. This small herb mill, which is, because of its pocket size, also perfect out and about, is a real ripsnorter: 28 diamond shaped teeth, 12 made of aluminum, 16 from stable acrylic, scrunch herbs and parts of plants in no time!

The lid closes tightly and securely by the magnetic lock. With the push-up function , that means by simply pushing the grinder base, the crushed material can be easily removed from the mill, no plant remains get stuck in the teeth. Last but not least, this grinder can be cleaned very easily.

A nylon friction ring ensures abrasion-free grinding.

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Grinder Push Mix Colours 6 piece